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Several clinics are already planned and will be supported by ARSETS. For the preparation of a national team, five clinics with Bento Castelhano and training with Ute Holm are already planned.


The rule book will be revised in a workshop on January in order to be adopted by the general assembly by end of February. And in March, the next judge formation clinic will take place with Claudia Elsner Matos.


In May, ARSETS organizes a whole day at the BEA Pferd Expo in Bern. This is the most important and largest horse exhibition in Switzerland.


Five competitions should be held in 2017. For three, the date and the organizers are already fixed. For the other two, we still wait for the dates from Portugal to make sure, that the judges are available.


A detailed program will be sent as soon as it is available.




The association ARSETS (Arbeitsreitweise Schweiz – Équitation de Travail Suisse) is responsible for the discipline Working Equitation in Switzerland. 2016 the association became partial member of the Swiss Equestrian Federation ( Following our articles of association we support the sport in Switzerland with clinics, competitions and participation in public shows. Furthermore, we are responsible to form a national team for the WAWE championships.


The association consists at present of 107 members who pay an annual membership fee. It is guided by a board of 6 representatives all elected by the general assembly for two years each. In the general assembly every member has the right to vote. The general assembly decides on the budget for next year and needs to accept the annual account from last year. Furthermore, it takes the final decision on modifications of the Swiss rule book as a democratic process. The members are encouraged to organize clinics and competitions. For clinics the members get financial benefits as organizer as well as participant.


In 2016 there were over 120 days of clinics organized and about 60% of the participants were members of ARSETS. On a regular base, there were clinics with our national trainer Bento Castelhano in dressage and obstacles as well as clinics with Ute Holm for cattle work. More stages were held with Manolo Oliva, Rolf Janzen, Astrid Friedrichsen, Antonio d’Almeida, Hervé Maurel, Doina Fischer, Pedro Neves and Berni Zambail. Very frequently there are short “taster courses” at different places to promote the new discipline in Switzerland and make it better known.


Five competitions were held in 2016:

·       25th May in Kradolf TG:
18 participants / judge Nicola Danner (GER)

·       11th / 12th June in Birmensdorf ZH:
39 participants / judge Bento Castelhano (POR)

·       30th / 31st July in Bellevue GE:
28 participants / judges Sylvain Chauvet (FRA) and Paul Duwiquet (FRA)

·       3rd September in Aesch BL:
31 participants / judges Paul Duwiquet (FRA) and Katja Weis (SUI)

·       24th / 25th September in Eiken AG (including cow trial):
40 participants / judges Paul Duwiquet (FRA) and Katja Weis (SUI)


Overall, 98 riders took part in at least one competition in 2016. Already 7 junior riders participated in 2016. To foster the junior riders a special clinic for young riders was held with Astrid Friedrichsen and financially supported by ARSETS. For 2017, more junior clinics are planned.


To demonstrate working equitation to the public, there were several shows: At the CSI in Zurich in January, our discipline was demonstrated on three days. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the booking for the BEA Pferd Expo in Bern in springtime because the championships in Munich were at the same time. In September, a whole day of show and demonstration took place at the Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne. In autumn we were invited by the AFL (Working Equitation France) to an international competition at Equid Espaces en La Roche sur Foron. The show was a nice experience for our riders and certainly a good advert for Working Equitation. And in October, another presentation was given at the OLMA in St. Gallen.


Lot of effort was made to provide a team for the championship in Munich on May 2016. Four clinics were organized to prepare and select the riders. It was hard work due to the late communication of the date and the schedule in spring time. Also, the search for sponsors was short-timed and not easy. For selection, the team took part at the competition in Hohentengen (GER) at easter. Before the championship, a training camp with Bento Castelhano and a clinic with Ute Holm were held to prepare the team. The championship in Munich was a great experience for everybody in a nice ambiance. We are proud of the performance of our four amazons and the respectable 5th place for Switzerland. A big thank you goes to WED and WAWE for the well organized competition!


To be ready for the 2018 world championships a selection took place on 11th December. The 10 most talented riders will be selected for further training in 2017. The national stud offered their infrastructure for the selection. We were honored to present the Working Equitation in to the staff and directors of our national stud on Friday 10th December. After a presentation of the different tests by our riders, the staff got the opportunity to have some lessons and learn more about the discipline. One of their riders also entered the selections the other day with a Franches-montagnes stallion (the original Swiss horse breed). In addition, there are two more Franches-montagnes in the selection.


In order to get more available judges, the ARSETS judge formation program started in 2016. In June a clinic was held with Claudia Elsner Matos for future judges and technical delegates. A regulation was created to describe the formation and requirements to become a Working Equitation judge for ARSETS. After the clinic, Doina Fischer and Katja Weis were nominated as judge candidate. Five other people are on their way to become a national judge. At the moment, they are engaged as assessors and assistants for the active judges during the competitions.


Big effort was made to promote Working Equitation in the French part of Switzerland. It is difficult to have all the information translated in time. Some members spent a lot of time to help to translate all texts and regulations into French. Due to the small budget of the association, a professional translator can not be paid. Natasha Kaltenrieder, Carène Riedo and Philippe Perret organized several clinics in the region of Geneva. Also, the participation at the Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne made ARSETS better known in western Switzerland. At the moment, 10% of our members are from the French part.


At the end of October, the application for full membership in the Swiss Equestrian Federation was accepted in unison at the autumn meeting of the Federation. By now, ARSETS is a full member of the Swiss Equestrian Federation and therefore officially responsible for all Working Equitation issues in Switzerland.


Board of ARSETS 2016:

·       Alexandra Häusler (President)

·       Jenny Markov (Vice-President)

·       Oliver Märki (Official and Judges)

·       Franziska Zeller (Chef d’Équipe)

·       Walter Kammermann (Cashier and member administration)

·       Natasha Kaltenrieder (French part)
-> retired; must be substituted by the next general assembly in February 2017     




Founded in Müswangen, Switzerland, on 31.08.2013 and officially registred as association by national law.


WAWE Membership applied in 2013, accepted on 06.06.2014.


National Federation FEI: SVPS Schweizerischer Verband für Pferdesport.


Federation Membership: Not yet but prepared. Apply for membership SVPS in 2016.


Aim: Promotion and developement of working equitation as a equestrian disciplin in Switzerland. ARSETS supports organisers of clinics and competitions, demonstrates working equitation for promotion on national occations and is responsible for the Swiss WE Rulebook. Furthermore, ARSETS is in charge of the education and nomination of national judges, the designation of the national trainer and the selection of riders for international WAWE competitions.


Funding: Membership fees (and sponsors and privat donors)



- Executive Commitee: 3 – 7 members, elected for 2 years by the general assembly, re-election possible.

- General assembly of all members once per year (more if needed): active members are entitled to vote after payment of the annual membership fee.

- Statutory auditors: 1 auditor, elected for 1 year by the general assembly, re election possible.


Membership: Everybody can apply for membership. There are active members and junior members (under 18). Passive members and junior members are not entitled to vote. Membership is approved by the executive commitee. Exclusion of members due to justified reasons must be authorised by the general assembly.



Executive commitee:

- Conduct the association dedicated to the defined aims

- Approve clinics and competitions organised by volonteers

- Support and supervision for organisers of clinics and competitions

- Homepage, promotion, facebook, internet forums, press work

- Continuing guidelines to the rule book (obstacles, cattle, harness etc.)

- Nomination and education of judges

- Designation of national trainer

- Selection and support of the national team of riders

- Insurance for all events and controlling of finances

General assembly:

- Election of the executive commitee and statutory auditors

- Acceptance of budget and annual statement of account

- Changes of the statutes of the association

- Approvement of changes in the rulebook as proposed by the commitee

- Exclusion of members

- Liquidation of the association

- Various decicions as proposed by the commitee or single members

Statutory auditor:

- Controlling and acceptance of the annual statement of account


Accepted by: The responsability and competence of ARSETS for the discipline Working Equitation in Switzerland is accepted by the following organisations. In time, the list will be prolonged. Wherever possible ARSETS works close together with his partners:

- Cavallo Lusitano Switzerland CLS

- Association P.R.E. Switzerland AECE

- Swiss western riding association SWRA

- Swiss ranch horse association SRHA

- National cutting horse association of Switzerland SCHA


Executive commitee 2014:

Alexandra Häusler, President

(National and international contacts, Sponsoring)

Jenny Markov, Dr. med. vet., Vice-president

(Sports, rulebook, cattle)

Silvia Karrer, Finances

(Finances and administration of members)

Oliver Märki


Nicole Wowereis, Homepage

(Homepage and internet presence)

Natasha Kaltenrieder

(Representative for the french part of Switzerland)

CONTACT OF Switzerland


ARSETS Arbeitsreitweise Schweiz – Equitation de Travail Suisse

Chairman: Alexandra Häusler



Introduction into Working Equitation
Switzerland Switzerland
Introduction into Working Equitation
The aim of the introduction clinics was to make Working Equitation better known and more popular in Switzerland.