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Two Working Equitation competitions called “Bentaiga- Trophy” :
In Pullman City in Eging am See 13-15 June and in Pullman City near  Hasselfelde 12-14 September,  judge: Claudia Matos Elsner
Claudia Matos Elsner invited a German national team after the first competition to take part in the European Championship in Sardinia/ Italy.
Attendance at the European Championship 10-12 October  (Team: Bettina Strahlhuber- Ima Bonanza Tedee, Thomas Türmer- King Trigger, Rolf Janzen- Ravisso, Gernot Webe- Aramis und Roland Heiss- Tuim, Trainer:  Manolo Oliva, Teamleader:  Roland Kunze)
The German team won the bronze medal.



25-28 June European Championship in Ponte de Lima (Portugal) without German participation. Bentaig Trophy in Pullman City in Eging am See at this weekend, judge: Manolo Oliva (approx. 20 comtetitors)
18- 19 July Camargue- und Working Equitation Competition in Horb (French judges, app. 25 competitors)
15-18 August Bentaiga Trophy in Borken (judge:  Eugen Kuni, 22 competitors)
18-20 September  Bentaiga Trophy in Pullman City/ Eging am See (judge: Claudia Matos Elsner, approx. 22 competitors)
10 October Competition in Vienna (judge Claudia Matos Elsner, 17 competitors, 5 from Germany)
November: meeting of the AWED (Working Equitation Association Germany) in Nuremberg to revise the reglement and the exercises (members: Stefan Baumgartner, Rolf Janzen, Thomas Türmer, Roland Kunze, Dorothee Skiba)



10-11 April Bentaiga Trophy in Borken/ north- east of Germany (judge:  Eugen Kuni, 21 competitors)
10-11 April Bentaiga Trophy in Vienna.  Some riders from the south of Germany started there, because it was closer than driving to Borken (judge: Claudia Matos Elsner)
12-13 June Bentaiga Trophy in Pullman City/ Eging am See (judge: Claudia Matos Elsner, 22 competitors)
19-20 June Competition in Mainleus for all classes- Newcomers, Beginners, Advanced and Masterclass  (judge:  Lothar Vriesen, 26 competitors)
3-4 July Monhein Competition for all classes (judge: Inka Diener, 30 competitors)
17- 18 July Camargue- and Working Equitation competition in Horb (French judges, approx. 25 competitors)
14-15 August : German cadre and friends took part in the competition in  Ebreichsdorf/ Vienna , it was the last sighting before the Championship for the German riders (judge:  Claudia Matos Elsner, judges candidates from Germany: Nicola Danner, Dorothee Skiba, 25 competitors, 14 from Germany)
9-12 September  European Championship in Cittá di Castello (Italy), team Germany reached  the fourth place, Dr. Bettina Strahlhuber won the trophy for the best female rider in the competition (Team: Dr. Bettina Strahlhuber riding  Ima Bonanza Tedee, Rolf Janzen riding  Ravisso, Mihai Maldea riding Candy, Thomas Türmer riding Uccio, Trainer: Manolo Oliva, Teamleader: Roland Kunze)
21 November AWED- meeting (Rolf Janzen, Roland Kunze, Thomas Türmer, Gernot Weber, Dorothee Skiba) to revise reglement and exercises.  The AWED was organizing the competitions from that time, because Stefan Baumgartner and Annette Bolte- Baumgartner withdrew as a partner of WAWE. The AWED assumed the responsibility for working equitation in Germany and to work together with WAWE. Bentaiga Trophys were now called AWED Master Turniere.
26-28 November WAWE- meeting in Erding near Munich at invitation of AWED, participants of AWED: Rolf Janzen, Roland Kunze, Dorothee Skiba.  Austria and Germany decided, to support each other in organising the next clinic for international judges in March in Vienna and further events. Both countries will arrange the dates of big competitions to give riders the chance to take part in the competitions oft the neighbouring country. The competition in Vienna in 2011 will be a sighting for the German cadre for the World Championship in Lyon.
2 -5 December show and demonstration of Manolo Oliva, Rolf Janzen and  Mihai Maldea:  Doma Vaquera and Working Equitation at the fair “Pferd und Jagd” in Hanover



26-27 February  Clinic with Claudia Matos Elsner (Portugal) for  Working Equitation judges and judges candidates  in Buchloe, participants: Eugen Kuni, Lothar Vriesen, Nicola Danner, Dorothee Skiba. Thanks a lot to all the Masterclass riders, who gave them the chance to judge them. The dressage and maneability rides were filmed and discussed with all the riders and judges afterwards. Claudia Matos Elsner prepared a very interesting and informative  presentation with lots of examples, so that everybody had the chance to learn a lot!
12-20 March/ Equitana: Working Equitation- Shows of Gernot Weber, Rolf Janzen, Thomas Türmer, Roland Heiss and Hervè Maurel (France)
25 March WAWE- Meeting in Vienna, Germany was represented by Nicola Danner und Dorothee Skiba
26-27 March International clinic for judges in Vienna with Claudia Matos Elsner. German participants: Lothar Vriesen, Nicola Danner, Dorothee Skiba. Masterclass riders from Germany had followed the invitation from Sandra Migl (Austria), to allow the judges a lot of practical exercises. The dressage and maneability rides were filmed and discussed with all the riders and judges afterwards.
30 April- 1 May AWED Master Turnier near Düsseldorf (judge: Daniela Gnessner- Krasseckert, Dorothee Skiba, 25 competitors)
16- 17 April Clinic with Pedro Torres near Hanover organized by Dorothee Skiba
20-22 May AWED Master Turnier in Buchloe (judge: Nicola Danner, 22 competitors)
11-12 June AWED  Master Turnier in Mainleus (judge: Lothar Vriesen, Dorothee Skiba, 38 competitors)
24 June AWED meeting to fix further actions to prepare the cadre for the World Championship
25-26 June AWED Master Turnier in Donauwörth (judge: Nicola Danner, 25 competitors)
2-3 July Open day of the riding centre Reken to inform about serveral riding disciplines:  Rolf Janzen introduced Working Equitation
8 July Nicola Danner and Dorothee Skiba were writing maneability  at the  Working Equitation Competition of the Lusitano Festival in Lisbon
17 July Competition for Newcomers and Beginners in Bremerhaven without cows (judges:  Manolo Oliva, Dorothee Skiba, 22 competitors)
16-17 July Camargue- und Working Equitation Competition in Horb (French judges, approx, 25 competitors)
6-7 August 16 German riders drove to the competition in Vienna, it was the last sighting fort he cadre before the World Championship in Lyon (judges: Claudia Matos Elsner and Lothar Vriesen for Advanced and Masterclass, for Newcomers and Beginners: Nicola Danner und Dorothee Skiba)
7 August AWED and National Trainer Manolo Oliva nominated the National Team 2011 after consultation of Claudia Matos Elsner and Lothar Vriesen: Dr. Bettina Strahlhuber- Ima Bonanza Tedee, Gernot Weber- Aramis, Rolf Janzen- Ravisso, Mihai Maldea- Candy; Backup: Mitja Hinzpeter- Macciato).
8 August Training for the National Team 2011 with Manolo Oliva in Vienna, all five riders have to talk to Manolo Oliva to fix further appointments individually. Official cow training at 3 October with Ute Holm for the team.
16 August Meeting in Warendorf with two members of FN (Fédération Equestre Nationale): Sönke Lauterbach (secretary general and chairman) and Thomas Ungruhe, director sports, clubs, riding companies; representatives for the AWED: Roland Kunze und Nicola Danner) The FN is interested to integrate the riding discipline Working Equitation, knows about the problems with FITE in Italy and France and that the WAWE made an approach to FEI. Mr. Ungruhe invites Nicola Danner  and Roland Kunze to a meeting of the FN representatives of the federal states on 18/ 19 November in Bad Segeberg. Mr. Lauterbach wants to reason with other FN directors, whether the AWED has to join a club or an association and what else has to be done to be integrated. He wants to call Roland Kunze to let him know.
27-28 August Open air fair and competition Verdiana in Verden: Working Equitation competition for Newcomers and Beginners without cows (18 competitors, judge: Annette Slonka, Dorothee Skiba), show on Saturday and information stand Working Equitation (organisation show: Eugen Kuni, organisation stand: Dorothee Skiba)
13 October FN- seminar: „Working Equitation, Trail Training“  by Angelika Graf- book presentation near Munich at Monte da Lua, Nicola Danner’s home and stable.
A series of FN- seminars for the personal members of FN about Working Equitation is planned for the year 2012.

Equipment of horses:

Officer’s bridle by Signum- Sattelservice (brown or black), pure curb bit or curb bit and bridoon bit together
Saddle:  Saddle „Worker“ of Signum Sattelservice, military or dressage saddle (manufacturer of rider’s own choice) in black or brown
Equipment of riders:
Dressage: white shirt; men: tie/ ladies: neckerchief (covered/dark colour), hat (covered/dark colour), frock coat (covered/dark colour), breeches (covered/dark colour), jodhpur boots and mini chaps/ Polainas or riding boots, if necessary spurs
Maneability, speed, cow work: see above, but rider wears a waistcoat instead of the frock coat (covered/dark colour)



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World Championship Working Equitation - Munich 2018
Deutschland Deutschland
World Championship Working Equitation - Munich 2018
From May 10th to 13th, in Munich.
Portugal is the new Champion of Europe
Deutschland Deutschland
Portugal is the new Champion of Europe
Portugal is crowned Champion of Europe by Teams and Vasco Mira Godinho with Trigo and Eduardo Almeida with Santo are the new Individual Champions, ex aequo.